4 Ways to Read More

4 Ways to Read More

If you’re like me (and you probably are, if you’re reading this), you have way too little time and way too many books to read. My to-read list will last me for another decade at least, and I KEEP ADDING MORE! So, how do I go about managing that ridiculous to-read list? Here are the ways I manage to get more reading time.


Do you find yourself standing around waiting for the microwave to finish heating your food? Or maybe while waiting for the bus, or for a store to open? Get out your book (or device with your favorite e-book reader app) and start reading! It’s hard to do this and not be rude if there are people with you, but if there’s nobody around me while I’m heating up my lunch in the break room at work, I’m reading on my Kindle app on my phone. Maybe I only get a swipe or two in before the timer dings, but it’s something!

Make it Fun!

We’ve all been through the dreaded reading slump. I don’t know why or how it sneaks up on me, but when it hits, it hits hard. I’ve learned that having some external motivation really helps prevent this. You can make a game out of your reading by participating in reading challenges, or making your own! You can buddy-read a book with someone — through Goodreads, if you don’t have anyone you personally know interested — or even long-distance! When my husband and I were living long-distance, we had our own personal book club thing going on, and it was a great way to keep communication flowing.

Read at Work

Yes, this isn’t the BEST tip, but my job lets me have my phone on me while I work. My reward for completing a task? I get to read a page or two of my book, and I use my phone to do it. Nobody really notices because I’m not spending a whole lot of time going through my phone, and it gives me a bit of a break in between tasks so I can reset and be more productive overall. Because really, how am I supposed to be expected to work, when all I can think about is the book I want to read?! This is a nice way to balance the two things.


Need some entertainment while you jog, clean, or fold laundry? Audiobooks are for you! My reading productivity went through the roof once I started listening to audiobooks. I tend to get ones that are no longer than 10 hours in narration time, and sit back and enjoy. If you play tedious video games that require you to grind, these are a great way to lessen the boredom from that as well. (I’ve logged many audiobook hours grinding on Runescape in the past.) If you have a hobby that doesn’t require much mental effort — mine’s cross-stitching — doing that while reading is also a great way to enjoy your hobbies and get those books off your to-read list! Listening to books also saves your eyes for when they’re just too tired to concentrate after a long day of work/reading.


Any of these sound familiar to you? What are the methods you all use to get some more page-time?


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