Purple Readers’ Holiday Gift Guide – Book Edition

Purple Readers’ Holiday Gift Guide – Book Edition

At this point in the year, I like to start looking over what I’ve read to see which books are my favorite so far to plan for my yearly wrap up post. I’m not sure where this year went — I feel like it’s been so short and so long all at once for a lot of different reasons, but WOW, it’s already October!!! Andrew and I have family on opposite sides of the country, so we’re already holiday shopping, since we’ll be celebrating Christmas during Thanksgiving at my parents’ this year. For all of you early holiday shoppers, I’ve put together a list of some of my absolute favorite reads this year, along with a suggested pairing or two in case you want to get a little something extra.

For the Wine Lover

+ a bottle or two of wine. Maybe even a wine subscription, like Winc?

Cork Dork was one of my absolute favorite books that was released this year. Bianca Bosker writes about her experience of going from a journalist to a sommelier, and it is a TREAT! You’ll learn all about the wine world, how to taste wine, different kinds of wine, and the crazy life wine lovers lead! Both Andrew and I absolutely loved it.


For the Puzzle Solver

+ a code breaker puzzle book!


Okay, this is two books, but one is interactive, so it doesn’t really count as a book, right? Code Girls astounded me and tells the history of the women code breakers in World War II. I love this book for providing a balanced story — it has some history, some biography, and some information about code breaking. Such a great read! This one is definitely on my list for gift-giving.


For the Young Paranormal Investigator

+ a ghost hunter kit! Give your young ghost hunter a flashlight, some salt, a couple of candles, and a compass, and they’ll be all set to start off on their own ghost-hunting adventure.

A Properly Unhaunted Place is among the top of the list for best books I read this year. I’m desperately trying to think of someone to give it to, because I loved it so much. It’s a great middle grade book about a girl exorcist who has to take matters into her own hands when her town is going to be overrun by ghosts. It’s super fun and not as scary as I thought it’d be, considering the haunting aspect.


For the Fantasy Lover

+ a diary for recording their own adventures!

The Floating Island is a cute fantasy adventure novel that I just fell in love with. Ven Polypheme goes aboard a doomed boat and finds himself getting what he’s always asked for — an adventure! But life is tough when you’re a small dwarf in a big world, especially for Ven who’s the youngest and who has never ventured away from his family. It’s a series, as these books usually are, but I can’t recommend it enough. This is meant for younger readers, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as an adult, so don’t think only kids will enjoy it!


For the Sci-fi Lover/Gamer

+ a Steam gift card!

Warcross is such a great science fiction read. It’s sort of light sci-fi in that it really feels like our world, with just a few futuristic upgrades. The main character is a hacker living a hard life; she finds herself getting hired by the company who created a huge virtual reality game to find the person who might be sabotaging it. Be careful though! It’s a great book and we still need to wait for the sequel to come out! Those who don’t like waiting maybe won’t appreciate this one. :p

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