Book Review: Motherhood, Martyrdom, and Costco Runs by Whitney Dineen

Book Review: Motherhood, Martyrdom, and Costco Runs by Whitney Dineen

Title: Motherhood, Martyrdom, and Costco Runs
Author: Whitney Dineen
Publisher: 33 Partners Publishing
Paperback: 188 pages
Source: NetGalley
Summary: (taken from Goodreads)

Join bestselling romantic comedy author, Whitney Dineen, as she discovers the three Es of parenting:
• Exhilarating—when you first discover you’re pregnant.
• Exhausting—when you realize you’ll most likely never sleep again–like EVER.
• Explosive—OMG these kids spew from both ends!

And that’s just the beginning. Whitney shares the ridiculous highs and excruciating lows of her catapult into motherhood. Enjoy the ride as this new mom vows to give up profanity while falling in love with… you guessed it, Costco. Be careful, because if you’re anything like Whitney, you may just pee a little.

Motherhood Martyrdom & Costco Runs takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions as Whitney plummets into postpartum depression, desperately tries to get her kids to stop yodeling in public restrooms, and comes to terms with the fact she’ll never quite be queen of her own kingdom. Get ready to laugh, cry, cheer, and pat yourself on the back for the sake of mommies everywhere. And while you’re at it, stop by Costco for a case of toilet paper and a Very Berry Sundae. You won’t regret it!

*I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

This is a collection of short essays/memoir pieces that focus on three themes: motherhood, martyrdom, and Costco. In the book itself, Dineen says that this is the perfect book for working moms, since the snippets are short and the book would make for great bathroom reading, the only time some people can find to read. I will say that it’s a fast, fun read, that has a few heartwrenching moments, but that is mostly filled with laughs and optimism, so her assessment is spot-on.

I can’t help but love Whitney Dineen after reading this book; she opens herself up so completely that I feel like we got to be friends just by way of me reading her book. She’s generously honest about her experiences with kids, post-partum depression, and her feelings of how the world just seems to be unfair sometimes. Even as a non-mom who has taken care of her share of baby cousins and baby nieces and nephews, I related so much with her experiences trying to balance being fun and giving kids good experiences while also teaching them to be good, decent, functional humans. My favorite subjects were always about her kids, especially when she was telling them about what life was like when she was a kid, as well as the conversations she overhears from them (HILARIOUS!).

Essay collections always seem to be a struggle for me, because I can’t find many that fit an organizational structure that makes sense to me; that’s my only complaint with this book: I wanted the essays to have more flow between them. The essays themselves were great, but I think they could have been arranged in a way that made more sense.

Other than that, however, I greatly enjoyed this book. It’s not an idealistic look at life, it’s open and honest, which I appreciated so much. It also had me laughing out loud on the bus a couple of times, looking like a total psycho, so thanks for that, Whitney. Definitely pick this up as a gift for someone who has experience with kids — I think this is going to be my go-to gift for new moms or moms-to-be. So funny, so real, and so enjoyable. It’s a treat.

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