Book Review: Crystal Line by Anne McCaffrey

Book Review: Crystal Line by Anne McCaffrey

Title: Crystal Line
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Series: Crystal Singer, Book 3
Publisher: Random House
Paperback: 294 pages
Source: Chicago Public Library
Summary: (taken from Goodreads)

When Killashandra Ree joined the mysterious Heptite Guild, she knew that she would be forever changed. Crystal singing brought ecstasy and pain, near-eternal life…and gradual loss of memory. What she hadn’t counted on was the loneliness she felt when her heart still remembered what her mind had forgotten. Fortunately, someone still cared enough to try to salvage what was left of Killashandra’s mind. But she would have to learn to open herself–to another person, and to all her unpleasant memories.

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Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

This was a fine ending to an otherwise great series. Killashandra goes through a sort of life crisis about how old she’s getting and how many memories she’s forgotten, and when her life in the guild starts to change, so goes through a full-out breakdown and cuts herself off from everyone she loves and cares about and only focuses on cutting crystal. There’s a brief side story regarding a new kind of substance found on a planet people have just started to explore, and while it comes full circle in the end, it didn’t add very much to the story overall.

I wish this story could have taken place in the middle book, because what this series has are two great books at the beginning and a mediocre book at the end that definitely wraps up loose ends and resolves the story overall, but it was much less interesting than the others because it was a purely internal conflict for Killashandra; it would have been much more interesting to have that breakthrough earlier in the series and then have something thrilling and exciting to end it with, but that’s just me.

Overall, it’s a fine ending. I don’t think you necessarily need it to finish the series, to be honest. But, I’m a completionist, so I truly understand if anyone hates the idea of not reading this last book. Just be prepared for mediocrity. It’s not terrible, but it’s a letdown from the rest of the series. I’m looking forward to moving on and starting another McCaffrey series, though!

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